New mystery

Lion Hudson has agreed to bring out my stand-alone murder mystery, Murder, Forgotten. I really enjoyed writing this one. It is partially set on the coast of Scotland, and partially on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina.

Julianna Burke is a successful mystery writer whose memory is slipping. When her husband is murdered, she honestly can’t remember where she was or what she was doing. Could she have killed her beloved Connor?

I don’t have any information yet on cover design or launch party date. When I find out, I’ll sure let you know.

Novel in progress

I finished a novel this winter — a stand-alone, darker and more brooding than the Branigan Powers series. It’s called “Murder, Forgotten.”

Now I’m looking for an agent. The only thing keeping me sane is those stories of writers who were turned down 40, 50, 60 times before an agent took a chance.

I cannot wait to write that blog!