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Reporter Branigan Powers is still reeling from the events of The Cantaloupe Thief when two college students crash into the north Georgia woods along a rural highway. It looks like an accident. But when the surviving girl wakens, she tells a curious story of a vehicle that forced them off the road – an old-fashioned, 1950s-style hearse.

Thus begins a mystery that has Branigan bouncing between a college campus and the town’s homeless encampment, as she tries to make sense of the bizarre links between the two.

The Cover Story reunites Branigan with the homeless Malachi Martin, so adept at seeing what isn’t there rather than what is.

Reviews for The Cover Story:

This was an intelligently plotted mystery with well-drawn characters and a delightful setting. Reporter Branigan Powers is one of my new favorite sleuths. Highly recommended. – Susan Furlong, author of Peaches and Scream and the Novel Idea Mysteries

Bottom Line: The Cover Story is a well-plotted mystery with great characters and some poignant social insight as well. Twists and turns and red herrings (or are they?) share the page with an inside peek into journalism, homelessness, and college administration – all three areas well-known to the author. A dash of romance for Branigan has promise for future books, and I so hope that Malachi continues to be a pivotal character in this series! — J. Augustine, Goodreads


I think it was the catchy cover that first grabbed my attention but it wasn’t until I started the story that I realized what was actually depicted on that cover…a hearse! What does a hearse have to do with two college students being run off the road? Everything….

The language in this story is a little gritty for typical Christian fiction, but, it’s also a little Christian for the typical secular cozy mystery, making The Cover Story even more of an interesting read. I enjoyed how Deb Richardson-Moore led readers on a merry chase, with plenty of distractions, while trying to solve who-done-it. I had guessed some of it correctly but totally didn’t see the full extent of the seeming ‘accident’ coming at all.

Looking for mystery that delves into some of the darker elements of life on the streets while still maintaining a true Southern charm, want to try to solve a mystery where no one is exactly as they first appear, where murder and betrayal are only a breath away? You just might want to try Deb Richardson-Moore’s newest mystery, The Cover Story. — Jessica Higgins, Goodreads


The next book in the Branigan Powers book is just as witty, delightful and fun as the previous. The characters bring their own pizzazz to the story that keep the story flowing at a great pace. I absolutely loved each of the books in the series and was excited to see a new installment come out. This is the kind of story you can sit down and just enjoy; it is clean, it is witty, and it is well written. Moore has a way with these characters, especially Malachi who is back and able to see what others can’t. This is a Christian mystery series but it is not at all preachy and will appeal to all audiences. The reader gets to venture back into this world that Moore has created and get to dive even deeper. With that being said, it isn’t one that you would have to read the previous books to enjoy and know what all is going on in the story. I highly recommend this to any and all readers that enjoy a good cozy mystery. — Moonpie, Goodreads